Mirage 32 Fly Bridge

32 ft. 4 in.
11 ft. 3 in.
Displacement: (light ship)
12,000 lbs.
Displacement (fully loaded)
18.000 lbs.
Fuel Capacity:
250 gal.
Deadrise (transome)
22 degrees
Deadrise (Bow)
56 degrees

Volvo IPS 400

Top Speed: (IPS 400)
47 mph
Cruise Speed:
33 mph
Fuel Burn (at Cruise)
17 gph
Fuel Efficiency
2 mpg at 33 mph


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Construction Photos


Mirage Flybridge


Mirage Flybridge

Open House Design - w/ Flybridge

32 bow

IPS Installation

Twin IPS

Twin VOLVO - Jackshaft IPS Installation

mirage 32 cc

Twin Volvo IPS

IPS Trailered

Mirage 32 IPS on a Trailer - Headed for Test Run

Mirage 32 IPS Test Run

32 IPS Sea Trial


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Mirage 32 - "Open Day Boat"



Mirage 32 Flybridge Dayboat


Standard Flybridge - Dayboat Layout (EXPRESS STYLE)


While maintaining that same incredible running surface that has built the Mirage legend over the last 20 years, the new 32 will have a noticeably different look and many improved features. VOLVO IPS, DUAL STATION, OPEN (EXPRESS STYLE) DESIGN, LOTS OF PROTECTED SEATING, TOWER NOT NECESSARY, COMFORTABLE UPPER DRIVING STATION. Do you like what you see in our new 21' model? Then you are going to love the new 32. Generous Carolina-style bow flare, classic tumblehome at the stern, and an extra 8 inches of beam, make this one stunning 32-foot boat. Other noticeable improvements will be a lowered cockpit floor, providing for more gunwale height, rear entry into an expanded cabin, molded transom live-well, and power options to suit just about everyone. Choose from twin diesel, twin Volvo IPS, twin outboard, or even triple outboard if you crave even more speed.

Mirage Sedan

Sedan Layout - No Flybridge


Below the Standard Mirage 32 Flybridge and a South Florida Tower Layout


New Features


  • •  Lowered Deck for increased gunwale height
  • •  Integrated TWIN transom live-wells
  • •  Fly Bridge Layout - Dual Station
  • • New "Classic" Look
  • • 9" more beam than previous Mirage 32
  • • Queen Sized V-Berth
  • • Enclosed Head
  • • Galley
  • • Protected seating 10+ people

What Stays the Same


  • • Same smooth, dry running surface
  • • Awesome Fuel Efficiency
  • •Semi-Custom Build Process
  • • Continuing commitment to Customer Service

mirage 32 flybridgeMirage 32 Sedan Tower

Videos of the Mirage 32' Flybride - VOLVO IPS Demonstration and Test Run


Mirage IPS Video

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More Mirage 32 IPS Demo Videos



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To browse the many pages of information on construction, background, history, owners' testimonials, and more about the legendary Mirage 32, please take time to visit the Mirage Manufacturing web site. www.mirage-mfg.com Please keep in mind, that while much of this old information is relevant to the newly-designed 32, there are many upgrades, changes and additions, all of which should prove to make the new Mirage 32 an even better fishing platform.


Mirage 32 Center Consoles


Mirage 32 Pilothouse Models





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