•  Mirage 21 Classic

    •  Mirage 21 Center Console

    •  Mirage 32 Fly Bridge

Mirage Pilothouse

•  Mirage 32 Pilothouse

Mirage 32 Center Consoles

•  Mirage 32 Center Console

Mirage 32 Center Consoles


•  Mirage 32 Walkaround Pilothouse

    •  Mirage 45 Flybridge


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Mirage 32 Flyer


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"Classic Looks, Offshore Ruggedness and State-of-the-Art Innovation make these boats a must see."


Better than ever, and now available in 21, 32', and 45' models, Mirage has teamed with Over Under Sport Fishing to give birth to an entirely new line of serious offshore Sport Fishing Boats. Our boats are all "semi-custom" and built to order. Please come talk to us about buiding the perfect boat for you!


Boats Currently Under Construction


Below are the boat currently under construction here at our factory. As you wilil see, we are working on, or recently completed 5 very different boats as we speak. Two boats based on the original 32' hull (a center console and walk around pilot house), two more based on the "newly designed" 32' hull (Pilthouse and a Flybridge Day boat), and finally a new 21' Outboard Powered Center Console.


IPS Sportfish

• 32' Flybridge

•Twin Volvo IPS

• Dual Staion

• No Aft Bulkhead - "Dayboat Style"

• 32' Pilothouse

•Twin Volvo D-3, I/O

• Enclosed Aft Bulkhead

• Full Galley, Head, & Sleeping

34 Outboards

• 34' Center Console

• Rehab of Older Boat

•Twin Outboard Power

• 50+mph Speeds

• Sleeping Below Deck for 4

• Stand Up Head/Shower


34' Pilothouse


• 34' Walk Around Pilothouse

• Delivered Fall 2011

•Fullyl Enclosed Pilothouse

•Sleeping for 4 below

• Standup Head/Shower

• Twin 300hp Suzuki Power


Mirage Pilothouse
Mirage 21



• 21' Center Console

•Single 200hp Outboard

• Classic Looks

• The BEST Ride


Mirage 32 Flybridge DayboatMirage 21 CC

Pictured left, the new Mirage 32 Flybridge Dayboat design, designed with the same great lines as the Mirage 21, pictured right



A Few Things to Consider...


The Look

In a world full of cookie-cutter boats it's nice to see something truly unique. Old-fashioned good looks born from tradition and honed to a keen edge. A boat with an interior ruled by simplicity instead of rated by cup-holder count. Form follows function. While it does take longer to build a hull with sensuous tumblehome returns instead of a muffin tin shape, the result are well worth the effort. The classic Palm Beach shear and generous Carolina flare mated with a legendary Lou Codega running surface complete a drop dead gorgeous hull. Top notch detailing such as the seamless stainless rub rail and retracting helm pod only add to the effect.

mirage look

yanmar engine

Fuel Efficiency

We don't believe for a minute that fuel prices will continue their current downward trend...and doubt that you do either. More than likely, in another 18 months, we will again be staring at $4.00 per gallon for diesel fuel. Our 32' center console achieves MORE THAN THREE MILES PER GALLON at 33MPH! And when we sea-trial our new 32' Flybridge model, we expect to be at better than TWO MPG at 30 MPH! The only thing we won't compromise on for fuel efficiency is the ride.


Diesel Engine Option for Fuel Efficiency and Big Boat Feel.

The Ride

We don't have the luxury of picking our fishing days, so we needed a boat that does the job even when conditions are not optimal. You can get in just about any old boat and it will ride and handle fine when the wind is light, and the seas are calm. But when it's blowing 15-20, the forecast is marginal, and everyone still wants to give it a go, you need a serious Offshore Sport Fishing Boat. Ask around, and you will find that the ride is what Mirage owners hang their hat on more than anything else. We've all been caught offshore in the "wrong" boat too many times. It just isn't worth it.


Deep V Hull For That True Offshore Ride

deep v


What it's all about...

After over a year of planning, Ken Fickett and Mirage Mfg have joined forces with Trey Rhyne and Over Under Sport Fishing. Combining the skills of one of America's most recognized names in sport fishing with a proven builder, Fickett and Rhyne brought legendary naval architect Lou Codega onboard as the final piece of a world-class sportfish boat-building team. Specifically assembled to tackle the problems of 21st century sport fishing, this new venture is re-introducing the legendary Mirage brand, with a totally re-designed look. The new line of Mirage Sport Fish Boats are available in 21', 32', and 45' models.

In 1971 Ken Fickett founded Mirage Mfg and began building boats that had specific purpose. Whether Mirage was building high performance sailboats that became perennial champions in the hands of the most demanding skippers, sport fishing boats that achieved near cult status for their ride and construction quality or liveaboard trawlers that have become the most sought-after boats of their type, compromise was never a part of the equation.

In 2006 after nearly twenty years of building sport fishing boats, the decision was made to temporarily halt production of Mirage’s very successful 32. As a result of the commitment to high-tech composite techniques, the 32 was never a high volume production boat and was retired temporarily so Mirage could pursue the burgeoning pleasure trawler market with its Great Harbour Trawler yachts. Mirage is now America's largest manufacturer of full-displacement pleasure trawlers.


The first of the line of new Mirage Sport Fishing boats is the 21-foot model. Designed to be a "do-anything" all-purpose boat, a primary goal was to review and develop state-of-the-art construction techniques for the new Millennium. The result is a boat with unbelievable structural integrity, dry, smooth ride in keeping with a much larger vessel and classic "custom" boat looks. With hundreds of hours of testing in the waters of the Florida Gulf Stream and the Bahamas, this is truly a go-anywhere anytime boat.


The new 32 Flybridge builds on the legendary dry ride of the original Mirage 32 but takes a step towards that incredible custom boat look pioneered by the 21. With recognizable big-boat features like Carolina flare, classic "tumblehome" at the stern and that beautiful Palm Beach sheer line, this is a boat that will be the center of attention wherever it goes.


Stay tuned for more on the new Mirage 41 Flybridge. Planned from the start to be a modern interpretation of the classic sportfish boats like the Rybovich 37 or the Merritt 43. Combining the classic looks of its smaller Mirage brethren with best features of an express boat and the visibility and comfort of a flybridge "day boat", this new boat is sure to redefine what makes a classic mid-size sportfishing yacht.


The yachts of Over Under and Mirage - for those who insist upon the best.


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